The Makah Museum is closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to the opportunity to invite visitors inside again, and will do so when it is considered safe. The Makah Indian Reservation is also closed to non-residents. Thank you for your understanding.
Makah Museum
Makah Museum

Makah Keyboard

Makah (Qʷi·qʷi·diččaq) keyboard layout

This is the keyboard layout:






Note: the “alt” layer should be active under one the following

  • Either Alt or Option key is pressed.
  • The right Alt or Option key is pressed.
  • Ctrl and Alt are pressed simultaneously

Choose ONE of the above options according to what is most common in the
implementation platform.

Alt + Shift


Remapped key sequences

The following table lists keys and the output Unicode code points
required for the Qʷi·qʷi·diččaq keyboard. The key sequences in this
table override keys on an ANSI QWERTY keyboard layout.

Key sequence Preview Unicode output
` U+1E25
~ U+1E24
<AltGr>+` ` U+0060
<AltGr>+~ ~ U+007E
1 ! U+0021
2 ʷ U+02B7
<AltGr>+2 2 U+0032
3 š U+0161
# Š U+0160
<AltGr>+3 3 U+0033
<AltGr>+# # U+0023
4 č U+010D
$ Č U+010C
<AltGr>+4 4 U+0034
<AltGr>+$ $ U+0024
5 ƛ U+019B
<AltGr>+5 5 U+0035
6 ŋ U+014B
<AltGr>+6 6 U+0036
7 U+0078;U+030C
& U+0058;U+030C
<AltGr>+7 7 U+0037
<AltGr>+& & U+0026
8 ɫ U+026B
* U+2C62
<AltGr>+8 8 U+0038
<AltGr>+* * U+002A
9 Ɂ U+0241
<AltGr>+9 9 U+0039
0 ° U+00B0
<AltGr>+0 0 U+0030
[ U+2018
{ U+201C
<AltGr>+[ [ U+005B
<AltGr>+{ { U+007B
] U+2019
} U+201D
<AltGr>+] ] U+005D
<AltGr>+} } U+007D
; · U+00B7
◌̓ U+0313
<AltGr>+; ; U+003B
<AltGr>+’ U+0027

A few notes:

  1. The ' outputs a combining character. This character,
    U+0313 combing comma above
    indicates a glottalized version of a modified consonant, e.g,
    k+' = ⟨k̓⟩.
  2. Both ⟨x̌⟩ and ⟨X̌⟩ do not have a single code point used to reprsent
    them; instead, a pair of code points is used, and thus, one
    keystroke should output two code points for both of these